Thursday, July 4, 2013

Black Ops Zombies Hacks on Five Infinite 04 July 2013 Working

this hack was tested by me a few hours ago.
see description for Download Link, instructions and more.

Hello. The name of this account is Kraisaac
I'm the guy who made this hack. It's pretty old, but I guarantee you that it's work without any error. I test my hacks every time before I upload them to youtube.
The download link is here. This hack was uploaded using the Dropbox service.
This hack is free, as all the hacks should be. Unfortunately, most of the people who made hacks require you to spend real money to have them. Wont be the case here. All you have to do is to follow some easy steps and the hack will be yours in no time.

Please do not abuse this hack. I debated if I should have posted this video or not. If you want to download this, you are not able to share this hack. If you have any problem installing this tool, it is not my problem. You have all the instruction you need to install. I do not approve you to reupload this video with a fake file. You can cause people a lot of trouble so please be responsible.

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