Monday, July 1, 2013

★★★ iOS 7 Jailbreak Download [EXCLUSIVE GUIDE] ★★★

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As there has been much anticipation for finding out if someone is working on an iOS 7 Tethered or Untethered jailbreak a tweet from the popular iOS hacker P0sixninja. Also the popular jailbreakers evad3rs announced they were getting ready to pursue the challenge as soon as the new iOS 7 was released to the public. This shows that hackers are now working on an iOS 7 jailbreak download for all of the users that have upgraded their device to the latest firmware. Although as it is confirmed that he is working on an untethered version it may take a bit more time to be released. However, it is definitely worth waiting for as the untethered jailbreak allows for completely safety and security of your device.

How Has Jailbreaking Helped the iPhone Progress?

The jailbreak community is responsible for creating many of the unique and creative features that Apple have incorporated into their products. The video highlights just some of the many features that have been developed or enhanced.

Even with all the help that this community has provided, Apple are still trying their hardest to stop them operating. Although the main reason they want to prevent jailbreaking is mainly because of their new security feature that they have created. This new feature is called Activation Lock and is aimed at preventing a thief from accessing the phone and making it useless without the owner's Apple ID and password. Although as jailbreaking bypasses the security applications this new app would be made redundant so this is the main reason why they want to stop this community.

Although as long as there are vulnerabilities in their coding systems the jailbreak community will still be here. If you are looking to jailbreak your device the wait is almost over to download the iOS 7 jailbreak.

Get your free iOS 7 Jailbreak Download here:

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